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Upcoming Events

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A Break in the Action

Richard and TJ are currently working on a book and DVD entitled California and the Civil War. We will be scheduling more appearances when these projects are complete. Please feel free to contact us about future bookings.


Past Events:

Placer County History Museum

January 27 - June 1, 2015

The graphic panels from our exhibit entitled California and the Civil War are currently on display on Placer County Museum in the Old Courthouse in Auburn (101 Maple St). Part One of the exhibit ran to March 31 and described California from European contact to the outbreak of war in April, 1861. Part Two portrays California's experience of the convulsive upheaval that almost destroyed the United States.

Dressmaker/historian Liz Lowrie is exhibiting some of her Civil War-era fashion apparel alongside our panels. Liz provides fascinating details about a time when women clothed themselves and their families with their own needlework.

Nevada County Historical Society

April 16, 2015 • 7:00 PM • Nevada Co. Library (Helling)

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War, Richard and TJ will present their research on the role of the California Volunteers during the struggle. 15,000 California recruits took over the role of the Regular Army in the West and fought in a series of dramatic and highly controversial campaigns against Native American tribesmen. The Californians also helped repell the 1862 Confederate invasion of the Southwest.

Bernhard Winery

March 1, 2015 • 1:00 pm

As part of our exhibit for the Placer County Museum, we will be presenting our multimedia show, California and the Civil War. The show contains around 120 images from the period and provides vivid details of the harrowing years when California teetered on the brink of war. 

At 2:30 of the same day, Liz Lowrie will conduct guided tours of her fashion exhibit at the Courthouse. Learn details of 19th clothing that will completely surprise you (like the life-threatening properties of dyes of the era)!  

Rood Center, Nevada County

May 23 to November 15, 2014

The graphic panels from our exhibit entitled California and the Civil War are on display on the second floor of the Nevada County government center. Scenes from Queen of the Northern Mines are depicted in a display case on the first floor. The show is open 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.

Friends of the Auburn Library

Friday, April 18, 2014 • 12 noon to 1 PM

350 Nevada Street, Auburn, CA

We've been wanting to play the Beecher Room of the Auburn for a while now. This branch is where I hang out between teaching stints in Auburn. We look forward to presenting California and the Civil War for the first time for our friends and neighbors in Placer County.

Newcomers Club of Nevada County

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 • 1 PM - 2PM

Alta Sierra Country Club • Grass Valley

Our thanks for a great lunch and a great audience!

Placer County Historical Society

Thursday, December 5, 2013 • Veterans Memorial Hall

• 100 East Street, Auburn

Christmas in Auburn! TJ and Richard will be presenting California and the Civil War at the PCHS Christmas meeting. The event will be held at the Veterans Memorial Hall, beginning at 6:30 pm. (We'll present after dinner.)

Nisenan Heritage Day

Saturday, November 2, 2013

• Sierra College, Grass Valley Campus

We look forward to presenting our expanded version of American California and the Fate of the Nisenan in co-operation with the Nevada City Rancheria. We'll be speaking in the Multipurpose Center of the Grass Valley Campus, 250 Sierra College Drive, Grass Valley. We'll post the time our talk as soon as it is determined.

Conference of CA Historical Societies

Saturday, Oct 19, 2013 • Tofanelli's Restaurant

• Grass Valley

We will be presenting California and the Civil War to representatives of historical societies from all over California. This will be a dinner meeting. Show timing is still being worked out.

Nevada County Historical Society

Thursday, Oct 17, 2013 • 7:00 pm • Gold Miners' Inn

(aka Holiday Inn) • Grass Valley

We will be offering a show entitled American California and the Fate of the Nisenan in conjunction with Shelly Covert of the Nevada City Rancheria. NCHS members please note the new location for this presentation.

The Nisenan were at Ground Zero of the Gold Rush in the Northern Mines. The devastation wrought on the tribe was terrible. Where thousands lived in 1848, only 9 Nisenan were counted in the Nevada County census in 1870. Surviving by any means was a triumph. That the culture still exists is a tribute to its resilience.

Western Writers of America Convention

June 25 – June 29 2013 • Las Vegas, NV

Our first visit with this group, and a pleasant surprise it was. Everyone was very kind and helpful, and the seminars were great. Best of all, we finally got to express our gratitude to Kirk Ellis for writing the inoculation scene in the John Adams series. I'm still queasy, but it was worth it to watch of the most evocative bits of historical TV ever written.

Daughters of the American Revolution

June 24, 2013 • 11:00 AM • Alta Sierra Country Club • Grass Valley

We were delighted at doing a presentation so close to our home for an audience of serious history fans. Our thanks to the officers of the club, who very kindly ran down some info about an ancestor of Richard's who fought at the battle of Saratoga (1777).

Gold Country Book Festival

May 18, 2013 • 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Auburn Library • 350 Nevada Street • Auburn, CA

Richard and TJ will be present, books in hand. We look forward to meeting the patrons of one of our favorite libraries.

Make Yourself Heard! – a presentation for Gold Country Writers

April 17, 2013 • 10:00 to 11:45 AM

Placer Arts Building, Auburn, CA

Richard and TJ discuss the role of computers and the internet in book promotion. We'll show samples of our own efforts and demonstrate the software we use. Emphasis is on inexpensive apps that deliver a lot of publicity punch. PDFs of supporting materials in sidebar at right.

Interview on KCHO

February 1, 2013 • 10:00 AM

91.7 FM Chico • 88.9 Redding

Broadcast of a recent discussion with Nancy Wiegman of Nancy's Bookshelf. Nancy shares our passion for history and language, which leads to far-ranging discussions of these topics as they appear in Queen of the Northern Mines.

[This interview is available here.]

Sacramento Civil War Round Table

Jan 9, 2013 • 7:00 • Sam's Hofbrau • 2500 Watt Ave.

This venue is historic to those of us who used to stop here to eat in the mid '60's. For more info about the Civil War Round Table, contact Dennis at 916-726-4432.

Interview on KVMR

Dec 30, 2012 • 5:00 – 7:00 • 89.5 FM

Alan Stahler of KVMR's Soundings interviews the authors on slavery in pre-Civil War California. Yes, we had slavery out here – both black and Indian – despite California's "free state" consitution. Find out the truth about this dark page of our state's past.

[This interview is available here.]

Butte Co. Historical Society

Nov 18, 2012 • 2 PM • Chico Branch – Butte Co. Library

We'll be giving our California and the Civil War multimedia presentation in the library at 1108 Sherman Avenue, Chico.

Nisenan Heritage Day

Oct 13, 2012 • 12:30 PM • The Foundry • Nevada City

We've been invited to participate in this all-day event by our friends in the Nisenan community of Nevada Co. We'll be giving a multimedia presentation, American California and the Fate of the Nisenan, describing the dispossession of the Nisenan people during the California Gold Rush. We'll be on site at the Foundry, selling books and chatting with all comers. For more information about the event, visit the Nevada City Rancheria website.

Modesto Civil War Roundtable

Sept 14, 2012 • 7:00 PM • McHenry Museum

The second half of our tour takes us to Modesto, where we will hold forth at the McHenry Museum. Stanislaus County was Breckenridge country in 1860. Modesto was founded as a railroad terminal after the Civil War.

Tuolumne County Historical Society

Sept 13, 2012 • 7:00 PM • Tuloumne County Library

We're off to the Southern Mines for a pair of events in mid-September. This was Secesh country during the Civil War years, and we hope to find out more about it when we visit with the Historical Society. We look forward to researching and discussing D.O. McCarthy, whose American Flag newspaper boldly took a Union stand (and had to flee to San Francisco as a result).

Nevada County Historical Society

July 19, 2012 • 7:00 PM • Nevada Co. Library (Helling)

Special emphasis in this presentation will fall on Nevada County's experience of the turbulent Civil War years. Nevada City (known back then as "The Queen of the Northern Mines") was a Unionist stronghold, while Grass Valley, its near neighbor, was largely Secesh. It will be fun to discuss the setting of our novel with people who know it intimately!

[Our thanks to NCHS, and especially to Dan Ketchum and Wayne Teague, who watched through the doors of the foyer when all the seats and standing room were taken. That's graceful leadership...]

Four Seasons Lodge

May 23, 2012 • 6:30 PM

We return to the El Dorado Hills for another show! This show is for Four Seasons residents and guests and will be held in the ballroom. For info see the Four Seasons Community News website.

Sacramento Genealogical Society

May 9, 2012 • 7:00 PM • Sylvan Community Clubhouse

We will be presenting for the "Root Cellar," the well-named genealogical Society in Sacramento. Family research and a love of history often go hand in hand. We look forward to meeting with the Society and hope we can enhance their knowledge of what their Civil-War era ancestors experienced in the Golden State. For info visit rootcellarsgs@gmail.com.

"California and the Civil War" Exhibit at Folsom History Museum

March 31 - May 13, 2012

We have worked with the Folsom History Museum to develop a show based on Queen of the Northern Mines and our California and the Civil War multimedia presentation, We have fleshed out the tale with artifacts from some truly wonderful private collections. This project is a particular treat for Richard, who worked as an exhibit designer in a past life.

Click here for pictures of the exhibit and the opening celebrations.

Among the local organizations who helped with the exhibit are: The Native Daughters of the Golden West, Marguerite Parlor #12; Sons of Union Veterans, Company B, 8th Regiment, California Volunteer Infantry; and the Old Sacramento Living History Society.

Visiting Living Historians are encouraged to appear in full regalia! Visit the Museum's website for dates, times, and directions.

St. Joseph's Hall, Grass Valley

April 22, 2012

Many outstanding performances have taken place at St. Joseph's Hall in Grass Valley over the years. It is a cultural treasure that now needs a little help from its friends. We are pleased to present our multimedia show in support of the Hall's restoration efforts.

Interview on Insight (Capitol Public Radio)

March 27, 2012

Host David Watts Barton discusses Queen of the Northern Mines and the upcoming exhibit at the Folsom History Museum. Here is a link to the interview.

Yolo County Historical Society

Sunday • February 26, 2012

[ A surprise return to West Sacramento! We were glad to be able to pinch-hit for the Society's scheduled speaker. ]

Clarksville Region Historical Society

Wednesday • January 25, 2012

[ Our thanks to Hal Erpenbeck for the invitation and to the good folks who talked history with us afterwards. Most enjoyable! ]

West Sacramento Friends of the Library

Tuesday • October 25, 2011

Authors will present their multimedia presentation, California and the Civil War, at WSFOL's annual membership dinner. Reception is at 6:00 PM at the VFW Hall, 905 Drever St., West Sacramento. Dinner is at 6:30.

[ These folks work long and hard to help their local library – a very thoughtful thing to do for our civilization. We enjoyed doing this show very much. ]

California Military Museum

Saturday • 1:30 PM • October 15, 2011

Authors will present their multimedia presentation, California and the Civil War, at the Military Museum, 1119 Second St., in Old Sacramento. The museum has intriguing exhibits and a comfortable presentation room – a great setting.

[ Our thanks to Dan Sebby of the Military Museum for inviting us – and to the hard-core history fans who attended and made the event so informative. ]

Interview on KDVS 90.3 FM

Friday • 5-6 PM • Sept 16, 2011

Authors will be interviewed by Ed Martin, a considerable historian who was raised in Georgia and spent much of his life in Northern California. No telling where this conversation will go, but it should be fun.

[ The politics of the pre-war period were rough by any standards (even today's!), and no one knows more about them than Ed. This intriguing interview is available here. ]

Sacramento History Museum

Saturday and Sunday • September 3 & 4, 2011

"Gold Rush Days" in Old Town! The authors will present California Secedes! (excerpts from California and the Civil War) in the lobby of the State History Museum. Look forward to meeting fellow history fans.

[ Many thanks to the museum staff and the to wonderful living historians who made this a pleasant event. We met a lot of wonderful history fans and folks from all over the world. We were especially pleased by our cordial invitation to visit the kingdom of Nepal. ]

ECV's "Downieville Doin's 2011"

Saturday • August 26, 2011

Actually, we'll be there to watch the Clampers (member of E Clampus Vitus) parade down Main St. in Downieville, since their fraternal forebears play a prominent role in Queen of the Northern Mines. The book will be on sale somewhere in the chaos, and we will be happy to sign copies, if we are not lost and trampled in the shuffle.

Interview on NCTV Channel 11

Authors appear on Nevada County Interviews

Saturday • 3:00 PM • July 16, 2011

Monday • 1:00 PM • July 18, 2011 (rebroadcast)

Tuesday • 6:00 PM • July 19, 2011 (rebroadcast)

Paul Minicucci of Channel 11 interviews Richard and Terry on Queen of the Northern Mines and on their multimedia presentation, California and the Civil War.

[ Our thanks to NCTV for all their fine work on the project. Digital video excerpts from this interview will be available here and on YouTube. ]

The Civil War in California

Saturday, June 11, 2011 • 2 to 4 pm

Book signing party and free multimedia presentation at: Tomes • 671 Maltman Drive • Grass Valley • 273-4002

Images and music from the Civil War era, and a lively discussion of how close California came to becoming a partisan battleground.

[ WONDERFUL PARTY! We enjoyed meeting you all. And our thanks to Eric Tomb, whose excellent book store is such a great venue for authors. We had lovely feedback on the presentation and will be scheduling more events in the near future. ]


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"Stagecoach" from 15,000 Miles by Stage, by Carrie Adell Strahorn,
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